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Dispatching Made Easy

Our dispatching service provides visual ways to see the closest driver and make it easy for dispatchers not familiar with an area to do dispatching.  Many automated systems are not human like and can make as good decisions as a human, so we added features like showing the distance of drivers to pickup location.  Why a system that cannot provide these robust features that make it easy for any person to be a dispatcher.  I challenge you as a owner to hire new dispatchers and use our pin point distance location management to do dispatching.  

Dispatching Pricing

Many dispatching systems use the number of vehicles used to do their dispatching pricing; however we use another approach.  We use per usage of rides/trips used.  This is a more accurate and better way to charge for usage.  For example, some companies would charge you $25 per vehicle used compared to our approach you can use 35 cab/vehicles and no additional chargers per vehicle.  We use trips/rides used as a way to charge customers more accurately without vehicle charges.  If you use 3 cab/vehicles or 10 is really does not matter if you only assign 5 trips/pickup per month per vehicle.  So if you use 10 vehicles and use 10 trips per month, then that would be an approximate usage of 100 trips per month.  So we focus on that number and if you use a usage of less than a specific amount then you would be charged for that monthly rate.  Why pay for no or little usage on a vehicle.  

Another example, you can have 10 vehicles and 3 are not used at all and 5 are used 10 trips and 2 are used 2 trips.  That would only be 54 trips per month.  So you can see how you can save money using our pricing approach apposed to charging per vehicle.  Check at our pricing page and do the math and see how you can save using our service.  


Version 71 of the Driver application has been released and is for debugging purposes only.  The driver's phone by manufacturer, version, and model can now be found in our logs.  This information is helpful when debugging the driver application.  Sometimes depending on the OS version number can determine how code is executed based on version number.  For example, we may determine if the version # is 26 or greater or less to determine how to execute new OS code or older code.  This usually happens based on API changes based on Google's Android API coding specifications.

Driver Application

A new driver application has been deployed and will focus on improving driver location accuracy.  What does that mean?  Well we track our drivers, so we can better predict how to manage our customer calls.  By using the closest and most accurate location, the dispatcher can assign the appropriate driver closest or ending location of the driver to the next ride assignment.  

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